Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At Last..........'s hard waiting around for someone with opposable thumbs......since this is my lot
in this life please be patient...for those of you that have never heard of me (I know....gasp)
I pretty much run the shoppe The Sweet Pea Collection in Athens Tx....stop by and see me...
I'm always here...
"Me in a Nutshell" I am a free spirted bunny...many many people have said I'm so beautiful
and I have to admit it's true.....I also have mega personality....I can jump in midair and I'm also very "bendable" goals in life are many.....too many to list in this first post
one thing I dream about is to meet a male bunnny that I can hold ears with.....(the ladies that
have opposable thumbs that work for me...say something about a snowball's chance in hell)
I don't get that... but I don't think it's a good thing...that's why when Gloria isn't here
I get up in her desk chair and leave a little "message " just one.......just to let her know who
runs things around here...look forward to hearing from you.....

Fiona Duvet
Shoppe Bunny


  1. So glad you decided to join us Miss Duvet. I'm counting on you to keep us informed of all the things that Gloria wouldn't want you to tell.
    I think you are very bunny, I mean funny and can't wait to hear how you have them all hopping at Sweet Pea's. As a matter of fact, I'm all ears. Debbie

  2. Fiona, you are too funny! I'm really going to enjoy reading your posts (scoop) on the girls at Sweet Pea! Be sure and keep us all informed of what's happening in your neck of the woods.

  3. Fiona, you are looking maahh-va-lous, darling...just love your hairdo -- very wispy!

    You know, I'm a frequent visitor at Sweet Pea's and I must say, your shoppe is awesome! I soooo love shopping there. You have the very BEST slipcovers, candles, and wreaths ever. My goodness, I just love the fabulous custom bedding, too! Oh!! And the custom pillows are to die know a girl can NEVER have too many pillows!

    I must go now...I have some pillows to fluff...Punkie sends Bulldog kisses to you and Gloria!

    xoxo ~ donna

  4. Hello Fiona! It was sooo nice to finally meet you today. Gloria has been telling me how beautiful you are -- and it's true! Don't worry about those opposable thumb ladies who work for you -- I'll help you find a good-looking male bunny. It will be our little secret.... Maggie

  5. I met Fiona in a very surprizing way, I walked into Sweetpea Collections like any other day. This time I saw a light, a strange light in the corner of the office shining bright. I really exspected to see something frightining or maybe out of place but as I searched I saw a soft, presious little face. A cute little button for a nose, white white and black black hair. I knew untill I found the truth I wasnt going anywhere. As I caressed the shapely lines of this sexy, mysterious girl, I felt my eyes began to beam my toes begain to curl. Then she told me her name was FIONA DUVET (WoW) I felt my heart start melting uncontrolably away.So I dreamed that my heart and Fionas would be one, that we would meet at the window and greet the Morning Sun. Each day as the customers bought out the store and were done, We would meet at the window and watch the Seting Sun. WE could drink our wine and toast to the dirty little secert we had, we would laugh because we knew our secret was so so good but so so bad.Everyone knows that a boy and a nimph bunny may be in love but it is seriously not funny.So when you visit Sweetpea next time, look into Fionas eyes, you will know she is mine. Dont say a word to Gloria about this little tell for we all know how Gloria can scream and yeal, I for one never, ever want to be on that dreaded list that starts with a letter(C) The C List Love forever Johnny and Fiona Duvet

  6. ok Johnny....put down the wine bottle and step away! Does your wife know your at the computer
    writing to a bunny?? Gee...and I was planning on
    taking Fiona to Warrenton with me.....
    she won't be safe parked right next to you.........your just not her type...she's just not that into you...get a grip man!
    ps love ya guys!